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Proposal on Provisional Admission Status for PhD Students

Proposal on Provisional Admission Status for PhD Students

by Frederick E. Emrich -
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To accommodate students with special cases, the VPAA and Deans ask for creation of provisional status admission for PhD students. Council members are requested to review the following proposal and post questions or comments as replies to this message. If it appears we come to general agreement by then, a separate vote on the item will be posted after close of business Thursday 10 September.

Proposal text is as follows:



A student may apply for provisional admission to a particular PhD program. In terms of registration to courses and credit transfers a PhD student on provisional admittance will be treated like a non-degree student. A provisionally admitted student has to join the regular PhD program at the next possible date. At the point when the student joins the regular program, they can apply for scholarship. The provisional status does not affect their eligibility although the faculty scholarship selection committee may consider the success of the student during the provisional admission period as additional information. Previously taken credits are not covered by the scholarship.




I assume that the provisional admission to a particular PhD program solves the question of which fee students have to pay.


 Current regulations in catalog that may need updating


On behalf of the University, the Department of Student Recruitment and Admissions issues orders for three types of degree students and for non-degree students. Periods of issuing the orders of admission to undergraduate and graduate programs are defined by the legislation of the RK:

  1. Orders of admission of undergraduate students, graduate and doctorate students
  2. Orders on transfer and reinstatement of undergraduate students
  3. Orders for granting access to non-degree educational services (throughout the year) for:

-        Non-degree students taking undergraduate, or graduate or post-graduate level courses;

-        Auditing students with the purpose of increased access to higher education;

-        Exchange students from other universities aiming to increase academic mobility;

-        International Summer School visitors aiming to increase academic mobility;

-        Any other non-degree groups.





There are several opportunities to study at KIMEP as a non-degree student: non-degree at the time of application with or without the intent to enter an undergraduate/graduate program in the future, adult learners, visitors of the International Summer School, exchange students, Russian or Kazakh language learners. All these groups receive a special document reflecting the results of study in individual courses taken at KIMEP University, but not any academic degree or diploma.


                        NON-degree (available at both undergraduate, and graduate and post-graduate course levels) is an educational option to be used by any person wishing to take courses for personal purposes without any intention of obtaining a degree. Upon the completion of the selected courses, the document is issued with an indication of course title (s), number of academic credits and grades. Successfully completed courses may be transferred to undergraduate or graduate degree programs. Defining the level of English proficiency is mandatory for this group of non-degree, except for the Russian cohort in ExMBA.  Students who graduated from KIMEP or English-medium universities applying to non-degree programs may be exempted from KEPT and Foundation English courses.


Non-degree Student – is any student who wishes to take classes for personal reasons without the intent of earning a degree. In order to register a student must apply for admission as a non-degree student and be accepted.

Non-degree students can only take courses for which they meet the prerequisites. Registration for non-degree students is opened 3 days after registration for first year students.

If a non-degree student applies and is accepted to a degree program, some credits earned in non-degree status can transfer to the degree program. However there are restrictions and limitations. Details are defined in the section on transfer of credits.




Transferring KIMEP UNIVERSITY credits (Internal Transfer)

Credits earned in degree status at KIMEP University are permanent and can be used in any degree program for which the credits are appropriate. If a student is withdrawn from KIMEP University and later reapplies to study under a new student ID, the credits previously earned can be transferred to the records for the new ID.

If requirements have changed, then some credits may not be applicable. The curriculum committee of the department or program makes the final determination of whether previous credits correspond to current requirements and can count towards the degree.

Grades achieved at KIMEP University can be transferred automatically only if they are any “C”, and better.

The curriculum committee of the department or program may consider transferring a student’s any “D” grade, in which case a transfer form shall be submitted to the Registrar Office.


All internal transfer should be processed during the admission period.

All internal transferred grades are calculated in overall GPA.

No transfer credits to non-degree status are allowed.