11 September 2020 Agenda and Pre-Meeting Instructions

Pre-Meeting Instructions

By Thursday 10 September, please review items in the 11 September 2020 section of our Moodle page. Please indicate your meeting availability using our Choice item. Please use the meeting discussion forum to post your questions or concerns (if any) about agenda items. Assuming no major disagreements on items, a voting item will be posted on the meeting page by the start of business on Friday.

If all goes well with the Moodle process, it will indicate our ability to rely on Moodle for future votes. The live meeting will provide opportunity to meet one another and to address questions and concerns.

Academic Council Agenda, 11 September 2020

Meeting Time, 2.30 to 3.45 via Zoom.

  • Welcome
  • Moodle activities (feedback; pre- meeting vote approval, nomination/voting during meeting)
  • Graduation Approvals
  • Proposal on Provisional Status for PhD Students
  • AC Meeting Times
  • Officers and Committees (Chair; Vice-Chair; Secretary; Admissions and Scholarship Committee; Program and Curriculum Development Committee; Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee)
  • Any Other Business

If you are unable to participate in the live meeting, still please participate through the Moodle page on your own schedule. I am available for questions via email, femrich@kimep.kz.

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