Submission of the final case discussion paper. Due to July 15, 2022, 18:00

Questions for final case discussion out of 20 points:

1.     Identify main stakeholders in the case. Explain Why they are stakeholders, justify how they can be affected by the situation in the case. (5 points)

2.     Analyze Zoom Organizational Chat (Exhibit 8). Explain how does the communication flow in this company (downward, upward, flat)? Why do you think it goes in this way? Is it effective? (5 points).

3.     Eric Yuan, the founder of the Zoom, wants to create a “happy company”, “the culture of happiness”. What are his strategies in creating a happy team? Analyze. (5 points).

4.     If you are Eric Yuan, what will be your recommendations for further company development, managing crisis communication and building a “culture of happiness”? (5 points).

Enjoy reading the case and Good luck!