Topic Name Description
File Topics for final presentations

2.Making presentations: the art of presentations
3.Passing an interview: writing CV and Job interviewing process
4.Corporate culture: best practices of successful companies
5.Personal branding: how to build your image
6.Business Etiquette
7.Communication in social media (e.g. Instagram, tik-tok, Linkedin, Facebook)
8.Emotional intelligence in teams

File Criteria for presentation
File Syllabus Summer 1, 2022
Resources: books, articles URL Business Communication Today - coursebook
File Guide to managerial communication. Mary Munter
File Planning your presentation
Introduction_May 30-June 3 File Academic Writing vs Business Writing
File You-attitude approach

Write two messages to two different audience (you choose)

Topic 1. Introduction to Business Communication Folder Lecture 1. Achieving success through effective Business Communication
Folder Templates_Business Letter&Strategy Memo
File Effective and poor email examples

Slides 8 and 9

Compare two examples of written emails: More examples in Chapter 1 (pp.45-46, 63- 64)

File Example 1 Letter to students: San-Diego Zoo trip
Topic 2. Week 2: June 6-June 9. Mastering Team skills and Interpersonal communication File EXCEL INDUSTRY_CASE 1 for June 2-3
Folder Lecture 2. Mastering Team skills
File Sample_Business Letter
File Sample_Business Strategy Memo
File Writing Business Letter_video recording
File Writing Communication Strategy Memo
File Excel Ind_discussion
Topic 3. June 13-June 16. Supportive Communication. Coaching and Counseling Folder Supportive Communication
File Checking your responses
Topic 4. Planning, Writing and Completing the business messages URL Recording of Guest speaker's presentation: Linkedin level-up skills. Guest speaker: Zhama Ryskulova

File Planning business messages
Topic 5. Writing Routine and Positive Messages File Writing Routine and Positive Messages
File Spartan Ind. case
Topic 6. Writing Negative Messages. Practice File Writing Negative Messages
File Articles McKinsey Company

Leadership in crisis

Responding to coronavirus

Topic 7. Writing Persuasive Messages File Persuasive Messages
URL Steve Jobs speech "How to live before you die"
URL Looking at persuasive specific techniques in speech

URL Michelle Obama's speech moves many to tears in Charlotte:

URL One of the Greatest Speeches Ever by Oprah Winfrey (Law Of Attraction):

URL Put God First - Denzel Washington Motivational & Inspiring Commencement Speech
URL All right! All right! All right! Matthew McConaughey at Oscar ceremony

Topic 8. Communicator's strategy. Persuasive speeches File Communication strategy
Topic 9. Speaking Verbal Structure: Making and Delivering Presentations File Speaking Verbal Structure
File Making Presentations as Steve Jobs: Video

URL Pr. Rosling "Washing machine" (Karolinska University, Sweden)
URL How to open and close presentation

Topic 10. Writing CV and cover letters File Writing Resumes
Folder CV and resumes_samples
Topic 11. Job application process File Lecture 16. Application process
File Cover letter. Source from Purdue University
Topic 12. Devil wears PRADA. Business Communication issues in the movie. Deadline - 23 November 2020 23:59 File Assignment. useful phrases. possible topics for discussion

please, read the assignment carefully.

enjoy watching the movie!

URL Non-verbal communication