Dear All, 

I am your instructor Dr. Umut TOSUN. Welcome on board! I am glad you are here.  The course introduces the basic mathematical tools and methods needed for computer science. It teaches how to develop the elementary mathematical skills needed to define, analyse and reason with the sorts of abstract concepts used in programming and computer science.  This course aims to teach you the mathematical foundations which you need to study to learn many other Computer Science courses including Data Structures, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Operating Systems...

 Please do check the information below about our course. Let's fire up the beast! 

Course Information:

Name: Dr. Umut TOSUN


Zoom link:

Zoom ID: 635 592 4542

Office Location: # 345 / Dostyk bld.

Office Phone:  TBA

Course Hours: Tuesday, Thursday

Office hours: Monday:16:00~17:15

TA name:  Not Available

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