Dear students!

Welcome to Design Foundations course.

PROFESSOR                   Zhanel  Mussakhanova


Tuesday 16:00-17:15

Thursday 16:00-17:15

                                            Office Hours: by appointment


This course introduces the elements and principles of design and how to engage in the creative process.  Both image/surface and space/form designs are searched, analyzed, and studied.  Students use design software tools for depicting, creating, modifying and presenting designs in class projects. Working individually and in teams, students participate in open discussions, peer critiques, and review design ideas through a collaborative process. Prerequisite - none.


Design Foundations is a course that develops students’ ability to understand the elements of art and principles of design and creative thinking through a variety of media processes and visual resources. Through interdisciplinary approaches, this course aimes to equip students with knowledge, skills, and tools in design thinking and design creation. The course

consists of lecture/demonstrations and hands-on exercises.



At the end of the course, students will learn:

·         basics of design thinking approaches by creating their own ideas

·         how to evaluate ideas and projects by participating in group discussions  

·         how to distinguish between art and design by completing writing assignments and taking part in discussions

·         how to apply tools to a variety of challenges and problems

·         how to contribute to design ideation and solutions by collaborating with peers in a team

·         and participate in at least one big collaborative, hands-on project



Each assignment in this course employs elements and principles of design that students will be introduced to throughout the semester.  Concepts will be presented in lectures, readings, and lab exercises. Homework will be assigned weekly.  Details of assignments and projects will be provided in class and posted on L-Drive. Missing assignments or half-completed assignments will negatively impact student scores.  


Before you join please make sure to be on time and have:

- a study space ready (quiet, comfortable and light place) – no kids or pets around;

- a proper outfit (as when you go to the university) -- no pyjamas;

- your laptop charged;

- good internet connection, if you don't have electricity use internet from your mobile phone (hot- spot);

- your camera has to be on;

- microphone and speakers checked;

- notebooks, books, pens, etc. at hand.