This course deals with the role and nature of Business analytics as it is used in contemporary business. The course will provide a systematic understanding of the core concepts of Business Strategy and theory and practice.

In this course, you will learn to identify, evaluate, and capture business analytic opportunities that create value. Toward this end, you will learn basic analytic methods and analyze case studies on organizations that successfully deployed these techniques. In the first part of the course, we focus on how to use data to develop insights and predictive capabilities using machine learning, data mining and forecasting techniques. We also will focus on the use of optimization to support decision-making in the presence of a large number of alternatives and business constraints. Finally, throughout the course, we explore the challenges that can arise in implementing analytical approaches within an organization.

Bang College of Business

Department of Operation Management and Information Systems 



Course Code and Title:  BUS3333/Business Analytics

Course credits: 2/3


Semester: Autumn, 2021


Time and Place of the Lecture:


Monday: 17:3018:20

Wednesday: 17:3018:20


Instructor: Kudiyarov Saken

Office phone: +7 727 270 44 40


Office hours:

Wednesday: 18:20 – 19:00





Rules of netiquette:
  • use your laptop
  • be on time online 
  • turn on your camera
  • turn on your microphone when you are speaking, keep muted rest of times.
  • don't eat & drink, use breaks for it.

The course syllabus you can find here