This course covers issues related to administration and management of enterprise information systems and networks. Topics include data and system selection, new product development, management, risk management of deploying NDP. The course is aimed at imparting knowledge and skill sets required to assume the administration and management of an enterprise information system.

Bang College of Business

Department of Operation Management and Information Systems

Course Code and Title:  CIT2208/Business IT strategy and structure

Course credits: 2

Semester: Spring, 2021

Time and Place of the Lecture: 

Weekdays: 12:15 – 13:05

Instructor: Kudiyarov Saken, MBA

Office phone: +7 727 270 44 40 

via Zoom

Office hours: 

Friday: 13:10 – 14:00



Rules of netiquette:
  • use your laptop
  • be on time online 
  • turn on your camera
  • turn on your microphone when you are speaking, keep muted rest of times.
  • don't eat & drink, use breaks for it.

The course syllabus you can find here