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I welcome you to the Introduction to the legal system of Kazakhstan course at KIMEP.

The main accent of the course will on Kazakhstani legal system, its structure and operation of the central institutions and processes, purpose and basic structure of the civil and criminal justice systems, the role of the Constitution, International Laws as well as comparison with other legal systems including the common law.



General information of the course

Date: 25 August 2022 to 15 December 2022

Lecturer: Assel Kulisheva (

Format: offline and

in the cases of online here is the Link to Zoom cessions:

Meeting ID 965 5629 1893






Monday and Wednesday at 13:00  -14:15

Office hours: Monday to Friday 2pm till 7pm



Participation is obligatory, all absence forms should be submitted in advance or within the reasonable time

Online lectures will be recorded by the lecturer and not by students


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General rules for online classroom communication including via Zoom

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More information on the course can be found in the Syllabus 

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