The course is designed to give LLB students the knowledge about work in legal consulting, skills that may be required to practice law in legal consulting and practical features of legal consulting. The course will be aimed to improve students’ working skills, legal skills, to provide them with quasi-practical experience for preparation to work in law firms or consulting firms. The course will additionally develop students’ verbal skills, communication skills, writing, reading, critical thinking, and application of law. The course introduces students to the types and regulation of the work of lawyers in Kazakhstan. As part of the course, students will be introduced to the types of legal profession (advocates, legal consultants, corporate (in-house) lawyers, notaries, private bailiffs), regulatory requirements and features of the professional community. Students will also study the specifics of the legal services business, the structure of law firms and the work and organizational processes in them, including practical aspects such as QRM and conflict of interest, fee estimates, hourly rates, etc. The practical part of the course will be devoted to the skills required for legal practice in the field of legal consulting, and the main types of services in legal consulting, such as dispute resolution, drafting contracts and other legal documents, due diligence, transaction support, etc. The course will further develop students' verbal, communication, correspondence, reading, critical thinking, and application of law skills.