This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts and principles of civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The course deals in particular with the following major issues:

  1. foundations of civil law in Kazakhstan, focusing upon application and interpretation of civil legislation, the exercise of civil rights and protection of freedom of entrepreneurship;
  2. the law governing persons, including natural persons (especially their legal and deed capacity as well as entrepreneurial activities) and  legal entities (in particular their types and forms, issues related to their foundation documents, legal capacity, liability, reorganization, etc.);
  3. the law of transactions with particular emphasis on the rules related to the execution, termination and invalidation of contracts; (4) the property law covering  acquisition and protection of the right of ownership, legal issues related to immovable property, state ownership, etc.; and
  4. the law of obligations, including execution of obligations, methods of securing the execution of obligations, replacing persons in obligations and responsibility for violating obligations.